About Mission Shakti | Anti Satellite Missile in India

About Mission Shakti

India celebrates as country’s newest weapon passes the test. This new space weapon is all ready to hit and kill the satellites which restricts India.

India unveils the new anti satellite missile system and shot down one of its own satellites in lower orbit with a ground-to-space missile on Wednesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was excited to announce this great successful mission and finally established a new military space power.

Anti Satellite Missile in India

In Mission Shakti, the satellite was hit from 300 kilometres away and it is expected that we will see the wrecked satellite to fall back to Earth in few days.

India’s defence minister said that the weapon was is made to restrain, and not made to attack ambiguously.
Prime Minister Modi said India becomes the fourth country to use an anti satellite weapon after the United States, Russia and China.

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Mr. Modi said, “Our scientists shot down a live satellite 300 kilometres away in space, in low-Earth orbit”. He also said that, “India has made an unprecedented achievement today.” No doubt, India registered its name as a space power.

Use of Anti Satellite Missile

Here are the uses of Anti satellite weapons for which you will know more about Mission Shakti and why it was done secretly. Anti-satellite missiles permit attacks on enemy satellites, by blinding them or disrupting their communications. It also provides the technology base to intercept ballistic missiles.

Anti Satellite Missile in India | About Mission Shakti

Government held this latest test from India’s east coast island, and aimed at protecting the country’s assets in space against foreign attacks. The foreign ministry said that this ballistic missile defence interceptor was used to shoot down the satellite. This whole research and development is done by DRDO.

The latest news of Mission Shakti is covered in this article where you got an idea of why this Anti Satellite Missile is needed and why Mission Shakti needs to be done. Mission Shakti has raised the pride and power of India. These missiles are ready to be mass manufactured very soon as the Mission Shakti went successfull.

Mission Shakti is all about Power, Pride and Space Innovation where India ranked 4th in creating such a great anti satellite missile.

I hope you got the idea about the Mission Shakti in brief. To know more check this Article of Daily Mail.


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