You can Spy on Other’s Passwords | Add this Plugin now !

You can Spy on Other’s Passwords using this Plugin



Spying on someone’s passwords is very much easy Now.

Everyone wants to spy on someone in their life either for fun or some personal issues. So here is Google Chrome Extension which will give you the power to spy on all the login credentials done on your PC or Laptop.

Yes! It is that much Easy to spy on someone. It is just one Plugin away of spying someone.



Add To Chrome
*Works on PC*

How to Get Started

  • Install this Gumshoe – Chrome Extension


  • And then leave your Laptop or PC for someone to LOGIN in any Social Media or other Sites.
  • And whenever you want to check those Login Credentials (User ID and Passwords) Open a new Tab, visit or any other Text Field and then write
  • As soon as you write gselog a new window will open which will show all the Login Credentials.

You must write the gselog in any Text Field of a website it can be, or any other site which have the text field in it. It will not work in the URL Bar.

**Fields that prevent default behaviour of text/password input elements will not always work, hence its ceased functionality on the Google search box.**
Type- gselog





Result Appears

Gumshoe 5 - You can Spy on Other’s Passwords | Add this Plugin now ! 5



How It Works

  • Gumshoe records website login credentials whenever it gets the chance, storing them securely in offline local storage to be reviewed and manipulated by the user (and only the user) at a later time.
  • It is an open-source utility created a long time ago with no particular intentions in one direction or the other.
  • It doesn’t send your login details to some remote server (can also verify based on extension’s permissions… either way, you should always make sure there’s nothing fishy going on before you install this sort of thing).
  • You can also delete all the records from it.


So, Add this amazing Plugin to your Google Chrome and have fun 😉



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Gumshoe 7 - You can Spy on Other’s Passwords | Add this Plugin now ! 7


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