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ASUS and Flipkart to Celebrate OMG Days Asus has incredible offers on the Flipkart OMG Day, starting from April 15th to 18th, 2019. Asus came up with great offers for their Zenfone series where you can get up to Rs. 3000 discount on Zenfone models. The Discounts and special offers are listed below, to which...
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Re Ease desk organizer
Re:Ease “Re:ease“ was developed to help people work more efficiently by organizing their desk and decreasing the time they spend to rearranging and searching. Re:ease wants to “release” your desk from all unnecessary stuff and motivate you to only have those items at your work space that you really need. This brings back the “ease” that...
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bw space
BW Space BW Space is the most smartest and affordable underwater drone with 4K/UHD Camera for Underwater Exploration made by YouCan Robot. BW Space is the first personal Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)kit with auto-piloting and auto-adjust lighting technologies that makes it simple for anyone to explore or capture amazing underwater photos and videos like the professionals....
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Huami Amazfit Smartwatch in india
Huami Amazfit Smartwatch Huami Amazfit is a Xiaomi Backed Brand which is set to launch a new Smartwatch/band on 17th September 2018. It will have the ECG Feature in it which notifies about the Cardiac Arrest or heart Attack to the one who is wearing it. This is what Wang Huang Said about the Huami’s new...
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samsung new akg headphones
Samsung’s New AKG Headphones Samsung has launched three new cool devices to give a great listening Experience to their customers. They came up with NC700NCs Headphone, Y100 Neckbuds & Y500 Headphones. Samsung is balancing the Environmental noise with these series. Let’s see what these 3 Different products have and what new features they came up with....
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Google Pixel 3 & 3XL Google recently posted a picture of Google Pixel 3 on their website and we noticed the picture with a thin bezel and the Google Logo at the Bottom, which reveals Three Different Colors i.e Black, White, and Mint. No Notch ? As we can see from the teaser photo Uploaded...
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lenovo legion y530 full specs and review
Lenovo Legion Y530 Gamers, are you ready to level up? Lenovo today ushered in a new era for its Legion gaming portfolio, unveiling a power-packed lineup of hardware with stronger processing muscle, that is stylish on the outside, and savage on the inside. In line with Lenovo’s plans to double down efforts in the gaming market,...
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brewcube thumb
BrewCube gives us a new way to make our weeks worth of smooth delicious cold brew coffee at home with perfect timing and automatic filtering. It brews your coffee for the perfect amount of time and eliminates the hassle of having to come back to your kitchen to manually filter your coffee. Why do you...
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