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google dragonfly feature
Google Dragonfly This search engine which is named as the Dragonfly is a censored search engine in China which will help the Chinese Government to monitor People’s Queries using their Phone Number. The company has already built a prototype of this search engine for China, which links user’s search queries to their personal phone numbers....
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Huami Amazfit Smartwatch in india
Huami Amazfit Smartwatch Huami Amazfit is a Xiaomi Backed Brand which is set to launch a new Smartwatch/band on 17th September 2018. It will have the ECG Feature in it which notifies about the Cardiac Arrest or heart Attack to the one who is wearing it. This is what Wang Huang Said about the Huami’s new...
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samsung new akg headphones
Samsung’s New AKG Headphones Samsung has launched three new cool devices to give a great listening Experience to their customers. They came up with NC700NCs Headphone, Y100 Neckbuds & Y500 Headphones. Samsung is balancing the Environmental noise with these series. Let’s see what these 3 Different products have and what new features they came up with....
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lenovo legion y530 full specs and review
Lenovo Legion Y530 Gamers, are you ready to level up? Lenovo today ushered in a new era for its Legion gaming portfolio, unveiling a power-packed lineup of hardware with stronger processing muscle, that is stylish on the outside, and savage on the inside. In line with Lenovo’s plans to double down efforts in the gaming market,...
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Smark Translator Imagine that you’re travelling abroad to experience an exotic culture, but can’t even find a restroom because you don’t know the language. Or imagine that you can’t speak with an important foreign client because you don’t have an interpreter on hand. Smark Translator is designed to break the language barrier and give you...
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Power Junkie You don’t need to depend on the multiple power banks or stacks of batteries and chargers to get through your expedition. Power Junkie turns any Camera or other electronic device’s battery into a portable powering solution. Amazing right? It doesn’t stop here, the Power Junkie is also a charger for any of your NP-F...
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Best Offline Games for Android & iOS of small size
We often face those situations where we get stuck in No network zone and it turns out to be the most boring day of your life, as you have those heavy online games in your phone which run only on WiFi or data, and you can’t even play games at that time. So here is...
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brewcube thumb
BrewCube gives us a new way to make our weeks worth of smooth delicious cold brew coffee at home with perfect timing and automatic filtering. It brews your coffee for the perfect amount of time and eliminates the hassle of having to come back to your kitchen to manually filter your coffee. Why do you...
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