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ODiN- World’s First Projection Mouse   Does your arm or wrist feel tired or even hurt after holding the traditional mouse for a long time? The problem is solved with ODiN Aurora. As your wrist’s natural alignment is in the rest position, but the traditional mouse makes your wrist to bend upwards which may result...
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ecolo blue
Now you can Generate Water from the Air   This is the perfect example of the evolution of technology! Now no need to transfer the water from one place to another place, when you can generate water from the air at any time and anywhere you need. Ecoblue invented this machine which can generate water from...
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Famous Apps
Top 5 famous Apps you shouldn’t Use! These Apps are Harmful   This is a list of the Top 5 Most famous Apps you shouldn’t Use. Since these Apps are harmful, It steals your data, makes your phone unhealthy. You should think before you use these Apps.   1. UC Browser UC Browser Tracks Users’...
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Anti theft Laptop Backpack with ESET
Anti-theft Laptop Backpack with ESET and USB Charging Port for Travel / School / College Price-Rs.1866  (Rs 4825) Also get a 20% cashback by paying through Paytm for Anti-theft Laptop Backpack with ESET Buy Now Description From school to work, keep your life organized with the durable backpack! Multifunction design suits for your every occasion....
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Do you know the keyboard we use is not safe for our hands? While typing, our wrist shifts from its natural position and adjust according to the position of the keyboard. So why let the keyboard to put stress on our wrist, instead we can change the alignment of the Keyboard according to our wrist...
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