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GARY – The Earphones and Cables Organizer | Coming Soon

gary earphones


GARY solves the most common problem for every Earphone users. This Product will surely save your time and save you from struggling through the tangled wires.Β  It is a small circular case with a simple mechanics which will help you to keep your earphones untangled.



Nowadays the most common problem for every song lovers is with their earphones. You keep them in your pocket or bag and then you need the earphones it’s all tangled up and all you need is to solve a puzzle of your earphones.

Yes of course you have got tired of doing that! So here is a surprise for you πŸ˜‰


gary earphones

gary earphones



Easy To Organize Earphones


gary earphones


All you need to do is just

  • Make a Loop from the middle of the Cable or earphone.
  • Insert the loop into the hook present inside the case.
  • And the Release it.
  • Your Headphones gets organized!


Idea of GARY


The Idea of making this amazing product came from the famous Cartoon series known as Spongebob Squarepants, where there was a snail named as GARY, who was the pet of Spongebob. And this show gave the idea to the team of making a snail-like structure just Like GARY who can slip inside his home whenever he wants to.

gary earphones


**GARY is a Kickstarter product and will be available in the market soon**


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