Generate Water from the Air! Yes, it’s Possible Now

Now you can Generate Water from the Air


Generate Water from the Air

This is the perfect example of the evolution of technology! Now no need to transfer the water from one place to another place, when you can generate water from the air at any time and anywhere you need.

Ecoblue invented this machine which can generate water from the air using the humidity present in it. It can generate up to 30 litres of water from the air in a 24-hour cycle.

It has The Atmospheric Water Generator. It generates water depends entirely on the level of humidity and atmospheric temperature.


How It Works

The air has a lot of water in it but also a lot of dust and other micro-particles. The powerful fan takes in a large amount of air and to minimize the intake of all the impurities, the filtration process with the Electrostatic air filter

  1. The electrostatic air filter effectively prevents micro-particles and dust from entering the appliance.
  2. Condenser Coils– To minimize interaction between water and the metals used for the cooling coils. Using these coils, allows the water to condense from a vapour into a liquid.
  3. The water squeezed from the air is full of minor impurities and micro-organisms. All generated water is stored in the Bottom Tank
  4. Bottom Tank Filter– The carbon bag in the bottom tank, starts to remove ammonia, chlorine residues, organic compounds, and other VOCs.
  5. Funnel Filter– The water is pumped through the funnel filter into a series of 2 carbon charcoal filters, a reverse osmosis membrane, a mineral filter, and a final carbon charcoal filter.




Top Tank UV Lamp

Generate Water from the AirThe water goes to a holding tank that is exposed to UV light periodically to eliminate bacteria growth in the unit.

Output Water Lamp

When dispensing water from the top tank, another UV light again treats the water.

Molecular Faucet Filter

Generate Water from the Air

The faucet filter is equipped with two molecular screens to trap any fine particles that may be suspended in the water before you dispense into your glass.


Cold or Hot Water Option

Generate Water from the Air

If you want a hot coffee, tea, or a soup, you can have instant hot water by pushing a button.



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