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No more Price fluctuations! Now you can easily track the actual Price of the product on Amazon using the Camelizer Plugin. You may have faced such situations where you found a product which shows more price than you saw it before. Now don’t get mad over such situations, here is a gift for you 😉

Camelizer – Chrome Extension keeps a track of your search records and the actual price of the Product on Amazon. And whenever you try to search an item on Amazon, the Camelizer gets Activated and stops the price fluctuations and shows you the original Price.


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**Works on Google Chrome (Desktop)**




So now track the actual price of a product and buy as soon as the price drops. It also notifies you whenever the price drops !

How does Camelizer Works?

  • In Amazon, there are many cases, in which their prices appear to change as often as we can check them, and their product catalog is so massive that we do not have a complete copy of it.
  • Their database is populated by users searching our site and by users of our browser extensions.
  • Even so, we monitor the prices of about 6 million Amazon products across 9 different locales.



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