iPhone X | Why you shouldn’t buy this Phone

Why You Shouldn’t buy iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone always came up with a new feature and a huge fan following. But this time, when the iPhone X was launched with a new feature called Face ID, which took the place of the Touch ID.

And while iPhone X’s Face ID was tested on the Launch, there was a huge fail of the face recognition which lead to the fall in price immediately.

iPhone X

Face ID of the iPhone X has many issues like:

  • You must hold your Phone at a particular angle (Parallel to your face)
  • Some Dust Particles will create some disturbances.
  • Since Face ID uses the Dot Projectors which produces a 3D Map of your face and thus your face gets a match with the Face ID. So in case of any difference like spots, cuts, beard (or Facial hair), it may not work.


iPhone Break Test

When iPhone X was launched in India, recently many Break Tests were performed LIVE on YouTube channels and many of them were failed miserably, iPhone X’s screen and glass casing broke off, which ensures the less durability.



iPhone X has the infinity display, but a small bar-like structure which carries the Sensors, (Face ID, Dot projectors and others) looks weird and causes a disturbance.


No Touch ID

Although iPhone X has included the Face ID, they should have also included the Touch ID too. Which will give the iPhone X an extra advantage, since the Face ID is failing too much.

 So, in those cases where the Face ID would not work, Touch ID would always be there to rescue you! But unfortunately, they didn’t include the Touch ID.


After reading this blog, you may have got the idea why you shouldn’t buy this iPhone. Since iPhone X has got an extra feature of Face ID only (which is a total failure), so I suggest you buy iPhone 8, since rest of the features of are same. So iPhone Lovers! Be careful.


iPhone X



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