Keep a Watch on Someone Who Uses your PC or Laptop | Keylogger

Now You can keep a watch on someone who uses your Laptop or PC using Keylogger


Sometimes when you leave your work and move away from your PC or laptop, and then someone comes up to your PC and may see your files or browsing internet or may do some anonymous thing which may leave you in surprise afterwards!

Want to get rid out of it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Download this amazing Application called Ardamax Keylogger

(Trial Version)
Althoughย you will get only the trial version for 7 Days, but after using this Product you will surely purchase it


Why to use Ardamax Keylogger ?

  • It tracks all the KeyStrokes.
  • Records all the sounds arround your laptop.
  • Captures photos using the webcam. So you can see who was sitting in front of your laptop
  • It stores all the passwords and login credentials.
  • Only the owner can open this App.
  • Key Combinations are used to open this application on your desktop.


So Ardamax Keylogger may help you to keep a watch on yourย laptop or PC whenever you are not there. It doesn’t send the data to any server, so don’t worry you are safe!



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