ODiN- World’s First Projection Mouse at Amazon

ODiN- World’s First Projection Mouse



Does your arm or wrist feel tired or even hurt after holding the traditional mouse for a long time?

The problem is solved with ODiN Aurora. As your wrist’s natural alignment is in the rest position, but the traditional mouse makes your wrist to bend upwards which may result in wrist pain after hours of working. So ODiN made this possible and innovated the world’s first Projection mouse which will project the mouse pad on a surface and you can use this mouse according to the normal alignment of your wrist.


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Electro-Optical Mouse



Item Height

5.2 Centimeters

Item Width

24 Millimeters

Item Weight

45 g

Product Dimensions

4.3 x 2.4 x 5.2 cm

Projection Area

8cm x 8cm project area

ODiN Aurora presents you a whole new experience with computer and mouse. The world’s first laser projection mouse redefines your daily user habits for designing, gaming, work, and everything. Intuitive and convenient, ODiN Aurora is your must-have gadget for computers and laptops. It’s all designed, for you.




ODiN’s New feature


 It has a user-defined application button. The triangle runic symbol is now a “button” for you to define, in both Windows and Mac. This button is programmable, and it is totally user-defined, i.e. it can be commanded to perform a specific task such as, To open any app, to open a folder or etc.

Integrated Gestures


Privacy Safeguarded

ODiN Aurora doesn’t have any camera, your privacy is ensured. It’s good for confidential meetings of course. A lot of products have some data theft issues, in which some cameras are integrated with those products which ruins your privacy and may leak a lot about you! But No worries with ODiN Aurora 😉


Colors Available


About the Team

Founded in 2010 by a group of experts in optoelectronics industry, Serafim aims to offer affordable, useful, and cool consumer electronics for a better computing experience.

Team members obtain extensive experiences in local and international vendors, before building a brand of their own


CEO and Co-Founder


CTO and Co-Founder


Production Manager


Senior Machine Engineer






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