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Unleash your creativity! Invent, tinker, Program and make with real code and hardware. Pip is powered by Raspberry Pi. It is the handheld device that puts digital creation in your pocket. It has a built-in Raspberry Pi inside a gaming console like structure.



  • Used to play Games
  • Pip can be programmed
  • Used to make Apps and Games
  • Design a new Idea.
  • Can be attached to your PC and play games using Pip.
  • Learn while you are playing.


Make fun games, invent your own apps, or take control of objects around you!

  1. Start with the drag and drop programming.
  2. Then go on to play with real code.
  3. Tinker with technology.
  4. And invent with endless possibilities.



You can Play your Favorite Games

  • Play your old favorite games i.e. from Snake to Pac-Man or even Minecraft.
  • You can code games from scratch.
  • Play with the selection of games and apps bundled with Pip – or you can download more from the online arcade store.



You will enjoy playing games on Pip, but the best part is that it gives you the ability to change them and make them your own. From making LEDs flash and adding your own photos to games, to even turning a banana into a fire button!

Access lots of fun tutorials and projects with interactive step-by-step instructions so you can learn at your own pace. And also you’ll learn how to code in multiple languages like JavaScript, Python, Lua, PHP and HTML/CSS.


 This is a Kickstarter product and will be available soon on the market. Go give a pledge to this Project !


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