Samsung Galaxy Fold | The Most Expensive Phone Ever ?🔥 – Rs. 1.2 Lakhs

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has already teased their patented foldable phone, which is going to be the first phone that can be folded. This phone was teased in front of everyone but with the lights turned off, and the Phone’s light was the only visible light at the stage. This was done so to keep the details confidential.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch in Dark

It is really hard to keep such information confidential, that too of a revolutionary phone. So there are several leaks rumored in the Internet which seems logical and can be real too. So lets figure out what are those leaked information.

Leaked Specifications

The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold will have the Powerful Octa core processor with 2.84 GHz of Clock Speed and guess what? It will feature the New Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm) Processor which will definitely make this phone a beast.8

Samsung Galaxy Fold will have 8GB of RAM and an extra huge Inbuilt storage of 512 GB is rumored to be packed up with this phone.

This phone will obviously have the Android 9.0 (Android Pie). To enhance the performance of this phone and to make Samsung Galaxy Fold an interactive foldable gaming device, a powerful Adreno 640 GPU is used. And obviously phones nowadays are incomplete if you can’t play PUBG on that right?😉 So don’t worry, Samsung has got your back for sure.

Designing a foldable phone was definitely not an easy task, as the screen is all that need to bend and still show you some output. Thus Samsung Galaxy Fold will have 7.3 inches of screen with 1600 x 2560 px display, which is expected to have 414 PPI.

Samsung Galaxy Fold may have a huge 6000 mAh Battery with Fast Charging feature which will make this phone your best travel partner with least demands😉.

Now lets talk about the Camera, which is expected to have 24 MP + 8 MP Dual Rear camera and 16 MP+5 MP Dual Front Camera. More details of the camera will be released on the launch date or before. But this is what a logical leak of camera specifications is looking right now.

So, lets talk about the price which I guess the only thing that brought you here right? So according to the recent leaks from somewhere around the Technology Universe, the price of this Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone will be a little higher than usual. This phone will be basically used by the business personnel who loves to work on  multi window devices, a lot of pen works and using several data sheets at once. So according to the performance, design, flexibility and internal hardware, the price of this phone is expected to have Rs.1,20,000 or above.

So lets wait for the launch of this phone in market and we will surely update you with all new specifications and more details.



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Samsung Galaxy Fold


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