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SEO Guide for Absolute Beginners

SEO tips for new update

This is not “any” SEO Tips and Tricks guide instead, you’re getting a guide of tested SEO hacks of 2018. SEO tips for new update

I have met with an article on I Am Feeling Good with the article named as An Ultimate Guide of SEO in 2018.

I want my audience to get all the best article from internet. This article is like a summary to the content i found on iamfeelingood.com, you may visit their website to know more.


  • What is SEO?
  • RankBrain
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • In-depth Content is the “King”
  • Google Mobile First Index
  • Free SEO Tools

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.

According to the Wikipedia, “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.”

What I understand is optimizing your content on various parameters so that Search Engines desperately want to place your article on the top.


RankBrain is the name given by Google to an Artificial Intelligence System which came to the spotlight in October 2015. SEO tips for new update

This system keeps a close eye on the user behavior towards any query and tries to rank the articles accordingly.

Basically, RankBrain is an algorithm used by Google to bring the “best fit” result to you according to your query.

RankBrain depends majorly on two factors: Dwell Factor and the Conversion Through Rate.

Click Through Rate

CTR is the number of clicks a search result receives divided by the total number of impressions on the SERPs.

As I have mentioned earlier, Google just wants to deliver the best result to the user for their query.

Google is constantly making their effort to improve their algorithms for a better user experience. Google just want to make sure that the visitor only gets the most relevant, valuable and best information.

CTR is one of the best ways Google can look up at.

In-Depth Content is the “King”

It is a well-known fact that Google prefers the content giving all the answers to any particular query.

If your article is long enough and you have answered most of the topic you have chosen, you will get rewards.

Naturally, if the visitor is getting his answer he will spend his time reading your words.

This will increase your score and chances of getting a place at the top will increase considerably.

One of the most important point, i would love to mention over here is. Try to add LSI keywords in your content.

Google Mobile First Index

A few months back, we have encountered with a statement from Google saying their 65% of the visitors are from mobile phones.

That’s why you are seeing this point in this ultimate SEO Tips guide.

If Google is getting most of their visitors from smartphones than it’s the perfect time to lean towards the mobile-friendly websites.

According to the concept of Google Mobile First Index, Google will consider your mobile version as your landing page.

Free SEO Tool

I have a surprise for you. I will give you a tool for free which will help you to grab that spot you deserve on SERPs.

The free tool I will suggest you to use is your Google Chrome browser.

I am damn sure that you are unaware what your chrome browser can do.

Believe me, you can do a lot with the Google Chrome. From my point of view, you can get all the stats you may need in order to rank your website and to do the SEO of your website.

Google Chrome comes with a lot of hidden superpowers.

You might have heard that Google Chrome comes with Developer Option.

SEO tips for new update,SEO tips for new update and SEO tips for new update

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