Top 10 Websites which gives FREE Instagram Followers (Real)😍

History of “FREE Instagram followers”

Instagram is the biggest social media platform which includes more than 150Millions of users with a daily growth rate of 120k Users per day. (To know which all websites are providing Free Instagram Followers, Likes and Comment, Read the Full Article.)

Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes, to boost your content.

Instagram is over rated as a “must have” social media application on everyone’s phone, and people love to use it because of its great features like Filters (which Really turns your “not a good picture” to a “Wow! What a picture”) , Stories (On which everyone can just randomly share any moment of their life including GIFS, Stickers, Texts and can tag your friends and Brands too) , and way lot more.

Why Do Everyone Need Instagram Followers?

Being such a great platform with soo many users, everyone wish to have a great set of followers to their account. The Number of Followers matters a lot in this era. People are being judged/categorised/respected according to their followers count. Brands look that for too. And so it has become so important for every other person to gain as many followers as they want.

Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes to boost your Account

People start respecting you nowadays if your Instagram account has reached 10k. To achieve that, most of them become Instagram Influencer and other showcase their talent.

Brands Role

Brands are the most amazing factor behind this. They love to collaborate with those influencers or Instagrammers who has a great fan base / Followers count with a unique skill of producing great content.

Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes, to collaborate with Brand

But most of the Brands nowadays are offering sponsorships to those Social Media Influencers who has more Followers count, irrespective of their content.

This thing makes a quality breach, which quick-force anyone to increase their Followers base, rather than improving their content and it’s quality.

Get Free Instagram Likes and Comments

So here is when an Instagrammer needs help from some Service Providers which gives FREE Instagram Followers and has some PREMIUM options too.

You need Instagram Followers too?

So here are the List of some Websites which can help you to Kick-start your Instagram Account by providing some Followers for FREE.

1. Incentafan

Here is what they say regarding their services “Thankfully, this process is not as hard as it used to be. Now, with the help of Incentafan, you can make this process very quick and easy. Just enter you Instagram username above to get started, and you’ll get free followers in no time. Incentafan has access to a large amount of Instagram profiles, and we want to help you have the Instagram profile you always wished to have. Enjoy!

2. MrInsta

They are very sure about their services, they say “There are companies out there that can help relieve some of the pressure of developing your Instagram presence, like Mr. Insta. In fact, they’re seriously helping their clients by offering FREE Instagram followers! That’s right–free! With such a great deal you might be thinking, what’s the catch?

3. iDigic

They offer Instagram followers for an unlimited number of accounts. Get more benefits of having a large number of Instagram followers exclusive to your account. Increased brand recognition and visibility bring in more revenue.

4. Socialenablers

Socialenablers provide an extensive set of services which includes both free and premium, they say “We are a cut above the rest when it comes to machine-assisted social media marketing. We deliver human followers that will engage and interact with your brand. The followers we send to you have a profile picture, a bio, and an Instagram feed.

5. Skweezer

Get Followers using Skweezer for 100% free by using their free trial. Simply enter your username, email address and click on ‘get followers’. Now new engaged profiles will follow you.

6. Socialnetworkelite

They have a team of Specialists at Social Network Elite provide exceptional Instagram management and Social Media growth services. They provide a free trial service on their website, go checkout.

7. Instandid

Get more engagement and profit from the most reliable Instagram service provider. Drive engagement, Increase brand awareness and Get noticed.

8. Gramozo

They say that “When purchasing from us we do our utmost best to ensure satisfaction. Our team of highly experienced social media experts will take your opinion very seriously and will help you to get the popularity you deserve.“, Go checkout their Free Services too.

9. Freefollowers

Get Followers using Freefollowers for 100% free by using their free trial. Simply enter your username and click on ‘get followers’. FreeFollowers is your easy and effective solution to quickly and safely gain high-quality Instagram followers and likes! Excellent free and paid options are available to suit your individual growth needs.

10. Plusmein

They provide free followers everyday. Although due to huge rush in their website, you will need to try multiple times to get your Free Instagram followers, but Yes! once you do that, you will receive followers instantly.


All of these websites which provides free Instagram services like- Free Followers, Free Likes, Free Trial Services and Lot more , you will have to ensure that your account has these following settings:-

  • Your Account needs to be Public.
  • Private Accounts will not receive any followers or likes.
  • You must not use this when Instagram is down. Those Followers will not be added at that moment.

So these were the Top 10 Websites which can give a Kickstart to your Instagram account so that you get a Pre-boost to your Followers count. Using these Websites, you can gain some set of Real followers, although those Accounts may Unfollow you later as those account owner may not recognize you and can end up unfollowing you. Another Reason of getting unfollowed is because of the presence of BotsΒ which Instagram keeps on removing from their database.

So be wise while choosing your Instagram services.

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