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This article is all about a new upcoming tool which is Website Traffic Checker and it will bring a revolution and a huge competition in the SEO World. Websites are the king of Businesses.

Today 85% of Businesses including the Low Scale to High Scale, have their own official website which speaks about their Business modules.

website checker tool

Those Websites could be Visually Great or may have rich text content, can have high-quality videos, or may have a stunning Front End framework with many interactive features for great user experience.

Having all these stunning features on a website doesn’t make it to rank in Search Engines, but the SEO does.

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Business with SEO

SEO is the key to every view that brings any user from search engines to your website. Just like normal Businesses, SEO should be done with prior knowledge of your Competitors and what SEO techniques are they using.

website seo checker
Website SEO | Via: Medium

You must have a track of their Website Traffic and views, to get a knowledge of their SEO pattern, so that you can create content in your website which can rank well than your competitors.

All these strategies seem logical and easy, but how to do so? Don’t Worry, we are here after a great & long technical research on SEO and Traffic analysis on Different websites.

How it was Started

We created more than 20 fresh Websites, applied best SEO Techniques in blogs, Images, and overall content by our Top SEO Executives. After a week, when we observed huge Website traffic, that was the time to use the Almighty Machine Learning.

website Traffic checker

We trained all the 20 Website traffic and their Alexa Rankings for more than a week (We didn’t extend after a week because Google, being such a notorious Search Engine, do minute changes in their Google Search Algorithms like Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird, Google Pigeon, etc).

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Results for Website Traffic Checker

After a week, we had a model which was trained to check the website views and keywords. We used our Model and checked on different other Websites, and the results were shocking. It was 97.86% Accurate of the Real data. This made us successful to track the Website Views and Traffic of any Websites*.

website seo checker
Via: A-Mentor

So this was the story behind our research of Website Views Checker Model. But everyone is not familiar with Machine Learning, and no one has time to learn a new thing from scratch, and that too Machine Learning.

Thus We are here to help you to check your Competitor’s Website Traffic.
Before proceeding further, here are some list of the Websites which can tell you the Keywords chosen for a Particular Post/Blog/Page.

List of Top 5 SEO Tools

You can directly search for the Post/Blog/Page Link in these websites, and the Keywords with Traffic Score will pop up:-

  1. SEM Rush
  2. Small SEO Tools
  3. WebConfs
  4. Moz
  5. Alexa

Using these websites you will be able to check the Traffic volume of Any Website including the keywords** which has been used in the post.

But all these raw data doesn’t tell us how must Website Traffic is generated. This is where we come into action. An Online Website Traffic Checker is under development, that is coming in June 2019, which will help you to mark your competitors and track down their views, keywords, SEO Strategies, and a detailed report.

Alternative Website Traffic Checker Tool

As our own Website lookup will be launch in June 2019, but I will not let you wait that long. Here is the reveal of another website which does the same work and is even more optimized, as it has been working since 2015.

This Website lookup tool will help you to track down your competitor’s website, although they don’t provide the keyword analysis tool. Here is the link to the website which is the best working Website Traffic Checker.

websiite traffic checker   

Our Website Traffic Checker for Free?

Yes, it will be free for the first 3 Months, after that, you will need to pay 150$ Per Year so that you can always keep a track of any Website.

Although The is 100% FREE but it doesn’t tell us the keywords associated for a particular website’s post and Pages. For this, we will be rolling out our own Smart Website Lookup Tool which will check the Website traffic and keywords as well.

*  We have done research and used the Machine Learning to train the recent Website views with updated SEO Techniques. Although SEO Algorithms keeps on changing. Which may lead to an increase in error.
[Good News] – We have a support team which will keep the SEO Algorithms on track and necessary updates will be released.

** The generated keywords may not be 100% accurate. The keywords are generated according to the incoming search terms for that particular post or page.


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