X-Bows Keyboard

Do you know the keyboard we use is not safe for our hands? While typing, our wrist shifts from its natural position and adjust according to the position of the keyboard. So why let the keyboard to put stress on our wrist, instead we can change the alignment of the Keyboard according to our wrist alignment 😉 Use the keyboard that makes your wrist feel free.

X-Bows made that for you!


It’s different! Isn’t it ??

It totally fits under your palm without adjusting your wrist, and that’s the innovative idea brought by the X-Bows.



It has a cross-linear design allows your wrists to sit at their natural angle while you type. Our key columns naturally align to the extension of your fingers. These combine to allow you to type for longer, with greater comfort.



By moving the most frequently used modifier keys into the middle of the keyboard, we reduce how often you need to move your wrist while typing. This dramatically reduces fatigue over extended typing sessions.


Keyboard Backlight


X- Bows has the RGB backlight with 15 preset patterns. Individual key backlighting can also be set by the companion software provided with this product.

Typing Experience


This keyboard uses Gateron switches (available in red, black, brown or blue) and PC+ABS plastic keycaps with two-color injection molding to ensure a satisfying feel while you type. The aluminum body of X-Bows ensures a solid feel with minimal board flex.

Features which makes this keyboard Special

  • Design

The ergonomic, cross-radial design allows you to type for longer, without any discomfort

  • Ergonomics

Reduce the stress on your hands and wrists by using a layout designed for comfort and efficiency

  • Key Remapping

Set any key to perform another function of your choosing. Set macros or shortcuts to further increase your work efficiency.

  • RGB Lighting

Full spectrum backlighting with 15 preset movement settings adds flash to your typing

  • No Ghosting

Anti-ghosting- Press as many keys as you want without the fear of losing any strokes.

  • Build Quality

Metal body and high-quality components ensure that you will be typing comfortably on X-Bows for years to come.

**It’s a Kickstarter project and will be available in the market soon**


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X-Bows 6 - X-Bows Keyboard 6



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