Who is this rooster guy

Good Evening,

I promised a short bio yesterday evening in my first post and I’m sorry for not getting that out there, but as I was writing I couldn’t help but feel like an ass, which in turn lead me to write and rewrite my bio about a dozen times. Although most people who know me would consider me to be an all-around good guy, every time I read through the post I came off as a dick hole.

With all that in mind, I decide to go simple and should anyone every want/need/require more info then I’d send over my resume.

So here’s the down and dirty, I’m in my late 30’s, a prior service Marine and I’ve been riding cumulatively for 15 or so years. I currently just own a Harley Iron 883; however, I’ve owned about 10 bikes so far and will be buying a new bike sometime this year.

Like I said I was an Active Duty Marine and while I wasn’t in the Navy, I was your typical squid, then I discovered the desert while working up at 29 Palms. I quickly moved to off-road bikes and tore up everything from 29 Palms down to Lake Elsinore and back out to Needles. I rode all over Southern California and everywhere in between.

I’m currently residing back in Virginia Beach, and I’m enjoying everything back here on the East Coast. We did have a cruel winter this year, but for the most part the weather is pretty ideal for riding.

With all that being said, I know you’re really asking why you should subscribe?

The answer is simple, I’m going to be posting some stuff that most people wouldn’t have access to, but the majority of people would like to know.

Stayed tuned and watch what happens!


Oh yes… I almost forgot, have I ever laid down my bike?

Definitely!!! A couple times. I don’t count going down on trails, just regular road riding.

I’ve been down a few times and I’ve been busted up a couple times. For the most part I’m ATGATT, but there are still days I hop on the bike for a quick ride, with just the minimum.

A Call to Arms

First, let me thank you Mr. Wes for all the great things you have done not only here at Gawker but out in the world in general. As a rider, adventurist and dog lover myself I’ve always enjoyed your writing.

Secondly, I’ll address the title of this post “A Call to Arms”, I felt like your recent post How to make the next great motorcycle blog was just that. I heard you loud and clear and my heart has responded. I’m not too familiar with the Kinja platform; however, I will delve into it’s intracacies and figure it out. Please forgive my stumbles along the journey, but I promise to try and make Let’s Ride Out into that next great motorcycle blog.

While I’m new to publishing with Kinja, I’m not new to Gawker and it’s bevy of sites, although I admit I do frequent, Jalopnik, Gizmodo and Lifehacker everyday, I sometimes find myself on Jezebel, but as they say “I just came for the comments”. With that being said, it would seem to me that the quality of writing and posts in general across Gawker has slowly diminished, but I do see Kinja as a platform to raise that standard.

I will do my best to write from my heart, but I also promise:

  • To proofread each post, prior to publishing
  • Credit sources where I can, I appreciate audience participation/help here
  • Try not to repost the same articles I’ve previously posted
  • Never sell-out
  • Listen to and remain interactive with readers
  • Have fun along the way

Lastly let me say, I’m not a professional writer nor have a gone to school for journalism. I don’t have an editorial staff to proofread and/or censor my writing. I’m sure I will make mistakes, and as you have probably undoubtedly picked up on by now I have an affinity for Oxford Commas and maybe just regular old commas as well.

In the next few hours after dinner, I will write my second post. A little bio, maybe after that, you hopefully be down to ride out.